AI Communications Vol. 26 Nº 3/2013

Volume 26 Number 3 / 2013 of AI Communications is now available on the web site at

This issue contains:

Specific-class distance measures for nominal attributes

Khalil El Hindi


The data replication method for the classification with reject option

Ricardo Sousa, Jaime S. Cardoso


Engineering of holonic multi agent intelligent forest fire monitoring system

Ljiljana Šerić, Maja Štula, Darko Stipaničev


Using norms to control open multi-agent systems

N. Criado


Efficient planning through automatic configuration and machine learning

Mauro Vallati


Improving heuristic search algorithms by means of pruning by dominance. Application to scheduling problems

María R. Sierra


Local search algorithms for integrated logistics

Sara Ceschia


Detection of dishonest behaviors in on-line networks using graph-based ranking techniques

F. Javier Ortega


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