5th Symposium on End User Development

5th Symposium on End User Development: My world, my device, my program
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Medialab Prado, 26-29 May 2015


The IS-EUD 2015 in Madrid  welcomes researchers and practitioners interested  in
exploring innovative,  creative, simpler  and more  empowered ways of ideating,
infrastructuring,   configuring,  adapting   and  programming   our modern   IT
infrastructures  at home  and at  work. We  look at  devices like smartphones,
dishwashers, smart TVs,  robots, cars, wearable  IT, houses and laptops, and we
look at practices and milieus like engineering, shopfloor, hackspaces, fab labs,
app programming, e-health, e-mobility, e-democracy and energy efficient IT,  and
aim at  improving tools,  interfaces, processes  and methods  that support  user
-driven innovation.

In this edition  we open the conference  to the end  users with a new
category  of  contributions  called  the  EUD  playground  where
interactive activities with EUD technologies are offered to play with.

We invite everyone who is interested in the topics and program of the IS-EUD 2015
to register for the conference. The details regarding the registration procedure
are given at:


The program of the IS-EUD 2015 conference with accepted papers can be seen here:

INVITED SPEAKERS – MediaLab Prado, Madrid

* David Cuartielles (Malmo University), co-funder of the Arduino platform
* Albrecht Schmidt (University of Stuttgart), profesor of HCI

ASSOCIATED WORKSHOP, MAY 26 – Escuela Politécnica Superior. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


CoPDA 2015: Coping with Information, Participation, and Collaboration Overload,
3rd International Workshop on Cultures of Participation in the Digital Age

PLAYGROUND, MAY 27 – MediaLab Prado, Madrid


* Searching in a Playful Manner, by Markus Latzina
* IS-EUD 2015 Studio: Exploring End User Programming of Interactive Spaces,
 by Thomas Kubitza
* Creating Game-Like Content in Android Devices: The Mokap Hackaton,
 by Angel Serrano-Laguna, Dan Cristian Rotaru and Antonio Calvo Morata
* Spatial Awareness in Mobile Devices to Compose Data Source: a Utilization Study,
 by Giuseppe Desolda and Hans-Christian Jetter
* Hands-on actionable mashups, by Carmelo Ardito, Maria Francesca Costabile,
 Giuseppe Desolda, Markus Latzina and Maristella Matera
* A Platform for Creating Digital Educational Games as Combinations of Archetypical
 Games, by Telmo Zarraonandia, Paloma Diaz, Ignacio Aedo and Álvaro Montero


The conference activities will take place in the two organizing institutions.

The 26th, the Doctoral Consortium and the CoPDA workshop will be run at Escuela Politécnica Superior, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Leganés.
The 27th, 28th and 29th, invited talks, playgrounds and regular papers presentation will take place in MediaLab Prado, Madrid.

For more information about the conference, visit our web site http://www.iseud.net/

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