Interaccion 2015. Plenary Conference: Interaction Design for Rehabilitation

Panos Markopoulos
Department of Industrial Design, TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven. The Netherlands.
Date: Monday 7 th September 2015, 11:00 p.m. 12:00 a.m. Room: SALA ACTES

Abstract: There is a growing demand for rehabilitation and this necessitates the development of rehabilitation technology. Further, such technologies can not only improve the quantity of rehabilitation that can be offered but also its quality. For a long time, this challenge has been considered as a purely engineering and technical challenge. The prolific growth of such technologies and the increasing relevance of tele-rehabilitation scenarios, mean have drawn the attention of industry and academia to the challenge of designing such technologies to motivate patients, to ensure compliance, good ergonomics and product design to support the correct execution of training exercises, and of course the potential of generating immense amounts of data that can help monitor and provide feedback regarding patient progress. This talk presents a few cases of such technologies and discusses some general challenges such as designing appropriate feedback, including patients in participatory design processes, acceptance of technologies, evaluation in the field, and interaction design issues relating to the implementation of innovations in healthcare.

Short Bio: Panos Markopoulos is a computer scientist working in the field of Human Computer Interaction.

He graduated from the department of Electrical Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens in 1989, and received a MSc in Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London, where he also did his PhD (1997). The PhD thesis of P.Markopoulos concerned the application of formal methods of software engineering in the design and engineering of user interface software, and the specification of usability engineering principles using abstract and formal interaction models.

P.Markopoulos has held research positions in Queen Mary, University of London and in Philips Research Eindhoven. He is working in the Eindhoven University of Technology since 2000 where he was appointed as a full professor in 2010. His chair with the title «Design for Behavior Change», is concerned with the design of interactive technologies to support people change their behavior, particularly in relation to health related applications. P. Markopoulos is the director of a two-year post-master program training professionals in User System Interaction. Since January 2014 he has an appointment as an adjunct professor at the University of Technology, Sydney.

P.Markopoulos has worked on several areas of human computer interaction, such as task analysis and model based design, ambient intelligence, groupware and privacy, rehabilitation technology, persuasion and interaction design for children. He has supervised 11 Phd Theses and has co-authored more than 250 peer reviewed publications in the topics mentioned above. He is a co-founder and chief editor of Elsevier’s International Journal on Child Computer Interaction and editor of Interacting with Computing, and co-author of a book on Evaluating Children’s Interactive Products published by Morgan Kaufmann. His efforts in editing and conference organization have mostly concerned the fields of Ambient Intelligence and Interaction Design and Children.

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